Closure Of NBC Sports Puts NXT Timeslot In Jeopardy


It is not often a story in the Wall Street Journal has a direct impact on WWE programming but that could be the case with a story in Friday’s edition.

It was announced that NBC will be closing their NBC Sports channel before the end of 2021. The closure is a result of falling ratings and advertising rates making the operation of the channel unviable.

NBC plan to move much of the key content from the network to USA Network, home of Raw and NXT. This content includes NHL, NASCAR and the English Premier League.

The property to watch in particular is NHL. With their flagship games taking place on Wednesday nights, this certain calls into question NXT’s future on the same night. With ratings hovering around 700,000 with little sign of significant growth, USA Network may well see it as an easy decision to move the show.

NXT has aired on USA Wednesday nights since September 2019 when it launched opposite AEW Dynamite on TNT. Fans have long willed for one of the two programmes to move so they were not forced to choose. In theory, a change in nights might be a good thing for WWE as they would likely pick up a number of viewers who choose to watch Dynamite on Wednesdays.

Alternatively, could we see NXT move back to its original slot of premiering weekly on the WWE Network?

As programming starts to migrate from NBC Sports over the rest of this year, we will soon find out what the future holds for NXT on USE Network.

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