WWE Clash Of Champions: Sami Zayn Vs. AJ Styles Vs. Jeff Hardy (C) Ladder Match

Clash Of Champions 2020 - AJ Styles vs Jeff Hardy vs Sami Zayn

For a few weeks now Sami Zayn has been complaining that as he never technically lost the Intercontinental Championship then he should still be known as the champion. Jeff Hardy, the current IC champion disagreed as did AJ Styles who Hardy beat to take the belt.

And so it was decided that at Clash of Champions there would be a Ladder Match where the first person to climb the ladder and retrieve both Intercontinental belts (the current one and also Zayn’s original) would become the Undisputed Intercontinental Champion.

Ladders were, as expected, brought into the match and used as weapons very early on. The first big move of the match happened when Hardy backdropped Zayn on to a ladder that was leaning on the ropes and from there the moves got bigger.

Styles broke a ladder using Jeff Hardy’s body before launching Zayn into another ladder in the corner forcing him to bounce around the ring like a pinball. The two biggest ladder spots of the match featured Zayn and Hardy, taking it in turns to be the aggressor.

The first one was when Zayn tried to tip a ladder with Hardy attached. Jeff and the ladder both hit the ring post before going over the ropes causing him to become caught up in the steel frame and he crashed to the floor.

A few minutes later on the outside and Styles hit a Moonsault/DDT combo on Zayn from the announce table before taking a ladder to the head courtesy of Jeff Hardy. With Zayn laying prone on a ladder between the ring and the announce desk Hardy climbed another ladder and landed a huge Swanton Bomb through Sami, the ladder and hit the floor hard.

After Hardy stopped Styles climbing a ladder Sami Zayn produced two pairs of handcuffs and used one pair to attached Jeff to a ladder with one end of the cuffs through his stretched ear lobe. Zayn then managed to get himself handcuffed to AJ with the other pair before releasing himself when Styles was on the ladder and securing AJ to the steel.

Sami Zayn climbed the ladder and retrived both belts, confirming himself as the new (or ‘the still’, according to him) Undisputed Intercontinental champion.

An instant classic and one of the most exciting, inventive ladder matches in years.

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