Christian Cage Explains Why He Left WWE To Join AEW

Christian Cage

In his first interview since his bombshell signing with AEW, Christian Cage spoke with Renee Paquette on her Oral Sessions podcast released earlier today.

He went into detail about his decision to leave WWE, after appearing at the Royal Rumble less than two months ago.

He discussed how he was unsure of what his next steps were for some time and was in talks with both AEW and WWE. Ultimately he decided he was “doing himself a disservice” if he didn’t explore his options, and “within a week, it was a done deal”.

Cage also credited Jon Moxley for helping him make up his mind as it was their conversation which finally convinced him to jump ship.

“It wasn’t an easy decision, but it also wasn’t a hard decision” Cage said, regarding his final decision to sign with AEW, stating that he was intrigued by his ability to be hands-on with with everything in AEW, and he enjoyed the challenge; the idea of helping later generations with a new wrestling promotion was also intriguing.

He then ended his statement by saying “there’s nothing wrong with WWE, and how they do things” – making it clear that there is no bad blood between the two.

Christian is very well regarded in AEW, with Tony Khan and Jon Moxley publicly speaking their praises for him. Cage is expected to be working a full-time schedule, and wrestling frequently, after his performance at Royal Rumble proved that he is still outstanding in the ring. 

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