Chris Jericho To Release ‘The Complete List Of Jericho’ Book

Chris Jericho makes his entrance in AEW.
Photo Credit: AEW

On the anniversary of Chris Jericho’s first-ever match against Lance Storm, Chris Jericho has confirmed that his new book will be available for pre-order later this month.

In an Instagram post reminiscing on his “incredible journey” in wrestling so far, The Demo-God gave details of the book.

Stay tuned for info about my new book #TheCompleteListOfJericho, a chronicle of EVERY match I’ve ever had featuring exclusive top ten lists, never before seen photos and info you’ve never seen or read anywhere else! Pre Order begins on Oct 7, check so this space for more info very soon!!

In the post Jericho also plugs a watchalong of the contest which he has done with Storm, as well as some of the critiques he received on the match.

Jericho also accompanies the post with a picture which shows how much and little he’s changed over three decades.

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