Chris Jericho Names The Worst WWE Match Of All Time

Chris Jericho

Having celebreated 30 years as an active wrestler this week, Chris Jericho has been doing the media rounds this week. One of the most prominent interviews he has taken part in was with Busted Open Radio where he gave his thoughts on what he believes is the worst WWE match of all time. We have a feeling many will agree with him…

Jericho specifically cited the tag team match pitting Shawn Michaels and Triple H against The Undertaker and Kane at WWE Crown Jewel in November 2018. His reasoning, other than it being an abysmal match in and of itself, was that it simply pitted four guys against each that we had seen 20 years prior already. He said:

“The worst match I ever saw – and here’s your clickbait – was Saudi Arabia, Triple H and Shawn Michaels vs. Kane and Undertaker. That was such a stupid idea in the booking. It never should have happened. It should have been Shawn and Hunter vs. Roman and Seth and Taker and Kane vs. I don’t know – give me two names of guys – Cesaro and Kevin Owens, whatever you want.”

Credit: WWE

Jericho likened the booking to his current situation in AEW, saying he would never face Matt Hardy 1 on 1 for the very same reason:

“I didn’t want to work with Kane. I didn’t want to work with Hunter. I didn’t want to work with Shawn. I want to work with guys that were younger than me because it put you in a different position. The same thing in AEW. There will never be a Chris Jericho vs. Matt Hardy match. Never! Never, never, never, because we’ve seen that. You put it on, suddenly, it’s just two guys that worked 20 years ago in WWE. That doesn’t make any sense,”

As per usual, he has a point. One of the absolute best qualities of AEW is the freshness in terms of matchups and how they use their older talent to heat up their emerging stars. On the flip side of that, those young guys serve to keep the older hands relevant by allowing them to have fresh opponents and angles. It’s not rocket science but it is something they do incredibly well.

WWE’s Saudi Arabian events in particular are the complete antithesis of that. They are built on reheating marquee names and matches from 10-20 years ago and presenting them as dream matches on a big stage, almost like a veterans league with incredibly high production values.

Is there a market for that? Yes. It has it’s time and place and that place is probably the almost non-canon showpieces in Saudi Arabia. But does that make for good matches? Absolutely not. This tag match along with other veteran matches to take place in the Middle East such as Goldberg vs The Undertaker have produced some of the worst high profile wrestling matches in recent memory.

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