Cameron Grimes Debuts New Character On This Week’s NXT

Cameron Grimes
Credit: WWE

Cameron Grimes returned to NXT this week after a short injury layoff with a whole new twist to his character.

Very much channelling and updating Jamie Noble’s ‘Suddenly Rich Redneck’ persona from years back, Grimes arrived at the Capitol Wrestling Center driving a Lamborghini and flashing his new found wealth.

The former Trevor Lee had a hilarious yet typically inept explanation for his wealth that played into current events outside of the wrestling bubble.

According to Grimes, during his sabbatical he spent his free time playing video games which led him to the idea that the most prominent bricks and mortar game retailer, GameStop, would be a brilliant long term investment.

For anyone that understands the way the retail world even slightly, they will understand this is clearly an idiotic play, but the recent Reddit fuelled run on GameStop’s stock meant that Grimes’ investment remarkably skyrocketed in no time at all.

He then took those gains and invested in what he thought was called Dog Coin (Dogecoin), which again, has seen meteoric rises in recent weeks, meaning the previously grubby Grimes character was now utterly loaded.

It’s a wonderful little character wrinkle that the performer, real name Trevor Caddell, will no doubt portry with aplomb. Not only that, but it is a rare example of WWE genuinely tapping into the current news agenda to fuel their programming.

At Hooked On Wrestling, we adore a splash of silliness as part of the wrestling mix when it is done well. We have a feeling this is going to be one for the ages.

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