Buccaneers Given WWE Belt For Winning Superbowl; Triple H Explains Ritual

Triple H

Last night’s Superbowl LV featured Tom Brady winning his seventh ring with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

However, that’s not the only silverware he’s ended up with.

Triple H has confirmed that WWE will be marking the occasion by giving the team a customised replica WWE Championship belt.

In an interview with The Wrap, Triple H has also discussed the tradition of giving these title belts.

‘The King Of Kings’ talks about the first time it happened in 2013 after David Ortiz won the World Series with the Boston Red Sox.

David Ortiz — Big Papi — was a huge fan. Still is. Here’s a guy with all this bling, he’s got the earnings and the giant chains and everything. It’s part of who he is. When they won the World Series, he was such a big fan and was so into them, we [sent him a] title. He wore it nonstop and just put it over like a million bucks.

He also commented that these new belts don’t come cheap – as the custom sideplates have to be made at short notice when they know who was qualified for the Superbowl.

They are hand-done. It’s a few thousand dollars.

We can be pretty sure that the cost is offset by the publicity WWE gains by providing such a unique item.

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