Bruce Prichard: ‘The Undertaker Is WWE’s Greatest Creation’

The Undertaker With Brother Love
Photo Credit: WWE

On the heels of his hugely well received Boneyard Match at WrestleMania 36 and being in the midst of the release of The Last Ride documentary series, it seems The Undertaker’s name is on the lips of the media at large more than ever before. He was even interviewed by the BBC this week!

Taker himself has been popping up on all sorts of media outlets recently to promote the exceptional five part doc on the WWE Network but it seems the PR efforts don’t even with the man himself.

WWE executive and ‘Something To Wrestle’ podcast star, Bruce Prichard was recently interviewed by Sports Illustrated’s website where he discussed the career of Mark Calaway during and prior to his iconic 30 year WWE stint.

Prichard, in his Brother Love guise, was the original manager of The Undertaker upon his debut at Survivor Series 1990. He has long been known for his immense passion for and pride in the character and he told SI that he believes Vince McMahon’s brain trust has never created anything finer:

Without a doubt he’s the greatest creation ever in WWE. Second is Kane. They had a deep, good story behind them, and both of the men that portray those characters are those characters. Mark Calaway became The Undertaker and Glenn Jacobs became Kane.

It’s no surprise that Prichard is so gushing in his praise for both Taker and Kane. And rightly so by the way. In his behind the scenes office role in WWE he had a big role in the formation of both characters and is on record of being a long time guardian of their creative and storylines. Heck, he even makes his eldest son Kane in tribute!

This interview was released in advance of the premiere of the second episode of ‘The Last Ride’. The episode drops today, Sunday 17th May. You can read our review of episode 1 here. The WWE Network documentary series that follows Mark Calaway over the last three years of his career and goes in to incredible depth with the man himself like we fans simply have never seen before. It’s an incredible piece of work and essential viewing for even the most casual of wrestling fans.

This next episode is said to go in depth on the Undertaker’s relationship with Vince McMahon, including the fall out from the end of The Undertaker’s famous WrestleMania streak at WM30 where McMahon is said to have personally accompanied Calaway to the hospital while the PPV itself was ongoing.

Prichard also talks in the interview about Taker’s encounters with McMahon. It’s often been said that the WWE owner has a famous knack of bewitching even the most headstrong of wrestlers into buying into his point of view even when it is counter to what they thought they believed. It seems not even Taker, the most tenured and respected of superstars, was immune:

Taker talks about this in the documentary and it still sticks out to me, the way he would prepare for a meeting with Vince. Taker would often use me as a sounding board for whatever grievance or issue he may have had at the time, and he’d tell me he was going into Vince’s office and he was going to change this or that. He’d walk in all fired up, then walk out shaking his head. You could tell that as soon as Vince began to speak he’d cast a spell over Taker. Mark would walk out of the meeting with Vince, loving whatever idea he had hated walking in.

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