Brock Lesnar Impressed By WWE SmackDown Superstar

Brock Lesnar
Credit: WWE

Brock Lesnar may have set his sights on a certain Dominic Mysterio.

On a recent appearance on the ‘Start Today’ podcast. Dominic said that he passed on his thanks to Brock Lesnar backstage at a WWE show.

It seems the interaction between Rey Mysterio’s son and the former UFC Champion made an impression on the younger Mysterio, who made his professional wrestling debut at SummerSlam 2020. He had previously tangled with Lesnar as part of a storyline between the two of them, Dom’s father Rey and Cain Velasquez.

After I got my ass beat, I went to say thank you to everyone. I remember Brock telling me that he was surprised because I knew more than he thought I was going to.

With how I placed myself and things I would do to feed into things. I don’t think they were expecting me to know what I was doing. That was really cool right off the bat.

Dominic Mysterio knows more than a thing or two about the pro wrestling industry having grown up watching his dad perform in WWE rings across the world.

If (When?) Brock Lesnar does come back, could we see a match between himself and Mysterio to echo the battles The Beast had with his father all those years ago and more recently, at Survivor Series 2019?

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