Braun Strowman Dominates WWE Raw Underground

Braun Strowman On Raw Underground

Braun Strowman forced his way into Raw Underground telling Shane McMahon to “send his best fighter so he can send him home to his mother with a pocket full of teeth.”

When we saw the Underground ring it had Dolph Ziggler beating up an enhancement wrestler before Riddick Moss stepped up and the two went at it, however Braun jumped up and laid in to them both. Following this up with an almost Rock Bottom to Moss, Strowman then took Ziggler down with a reverse slam and stood tall in the ring shouting ‘COME GET THESE HANDS!”

Riddick Moss went for another try at Strowman but was easily taken out once again. Titus O’Neil then appeared and managed to take Braun down but the Monster Among Men quickly recovered and beats him down, which forced Shane McMahon to drag Braun off Titus.

For what ever reason, Riddick Moss thought it a good idea to have a THIRD go at Strowman and is met with a big left hand. Dolph Ziggler then jumped Braun from behind and then he and Moss tried to double team the big man but both were taken out in quick succession.

Cue Dabba-Kato stepping up. The 6ft 9in Polish giant, himself no stranger to Raw Underground, stares down Strowman as Shane gets between the two saying that this will happen next week, and Underground is done until then.

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