Booker T Was About To ‘Lose His Mind’ In WWE Without Creative Freedom

Booker T

The rules are seen to be very strict in WWE, especially when it comes to creativity.

With so much run past Vince McMahon, he would be the right man to go to with any grievances.

WWE Hall Of Famer Booker T took that approach when he felt agents were stifling what he did.

Talking on his Hall Of Fame podcast, Booker discussed how he approached the situation.

I remember, coming to the WWE, I had so many agents telling me so many different things, I was about to lose my mind. I went to Vince McMahon and I said ‘Listen, man. I’ve been doing this for quite some time. I’ve got this agent telling me this and this one telling me this and this one calling me back, I’m about to lose my mind. If you don’t mind, if I can just go out there and do my stuff. If I don’t put behinds in seats, just fire me because I know I’m going to get fired doing it their way.’

He said, ‘Do your stuff.’ From that day on, man, I just started doing my stuff, going out and feeling the people. In WWE coming from WCW, like I talk to my students all the time, you gotta know how to make it in the locker room before you have a chance of making it in the ring. For me, I left all my baggage and accolades in WCW and I said let’s start over, and let’s make it work. 20 years later, I’m still here.

Booker T’s career was clearly successful both before going to WWE and after, and made him a two-time Hall Of Famer.

Although there would no doubt be plenty of layers to get through to get your voice heard, it seems Book had the right idea.

With thanks to WrestleTalk for the transcription.

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