Bobby Lashley Names Potential Female Members Of The Hurt Business In WWE

The Hurt Business

The Hurt Business have become a dominant faction on WWE Raw.

The addition of Cedric Alexander led to a tag title win alongside Shelton Benjamin.

Bobby Lashley also holds the United States Championship – and has hinted at some potential new members.

Speaking on ESPN’s Cheap Heat podcast, Lashley explained that the group was fine as it is but could always take a female wrestler – and named a couple of examples.

Well, first I’ll answer that [in] two parts. The first part is we don’t necessarily need anyone, because, I mean, we have everything that it takes to get everything that we want. However, I think there’s some people on the roster that have kind of the same mentality that we have, that older school mentality.

There’s a lot of names that have been thrown out. Mickie James came back with our era, so Mickie James has that old Hurt Business style from before. You have Naomi, she has that whoop a girl up attitude also, and there’s a lot of people on the guys side, there’s a lot of guys out there that kind of have that thought. We always hear people come to us and say, ‘Hey man, I wanna be a part of The Hurt Business.’ Whether they’re joking around or not, I think they’re really serious.”

Both women returned at the Royal Rumble, so it wouldn’t be beyond the realms of possibility for either to get a run in a spot like this.

With thanks to Sportskeeda for the transcription.

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