Bischoff: Bret Hart Was “The Least Successful World Champ In WWE History”

Eric Bischoff interview

Bret Hart is known as one of, if not the, greatest World Champions of all time.

One man who won’t disagree with is Eric Bischoff, who ‘The Hitman’ worked under in WCW.

However, he doesn’t see Hart as being a successful title holder whilst in WWE.

Speaking on the most recent edition of his 83 Weeks podcast, Bischoff claims that Hart could well be the least successful WWE Champion in history.

To this day, I do respect Bret, many aspects of Bret Hart as a performer. I still think in the ring today, and I’ve said this before and I’m not going to change my opinion. Nothing will change my opinion, no one will change my opinion. Bret Hart, in my opinion, is one of the best technical performers in his generation. Not the biggest star. His drawing power in WWE is well documented by anybody who wants to do the research in an objective way. He was not a main-event draw in WWE. That’s it, that’s a fact.

It’s not my fault. I wasn’t there, and I didn’t book him. It just didn’t work. He was the champion, he was the face of the company, and he was the least successful world heavyweight champion, or at least one of, in WWE history, which is a long freakin’ history. So, it is what it is. Bret Hart is that guy that has to have somebody to hate in order to have something to talk about. That’s it.

Few would argue that Hart was Champion during one of the weaker periods in the company’s history, but it’s still surprising to hear Bischoff talk in such negative terms about ‘The Hitman’.

With thanks to 411 Mania for the transcription.

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