Big WWE Championship Match Set For Raw Next Week: Title Change Expected

The Miz

Not 24 hours removed from The Miz winning his first WWE Championship in a decade, the end is seemingly nigh for his reign.

On last night’s Raw, Bobby Lashley was confirmed as the first challenger for Miz’s title and will receive his shot on Raw next week.

The pairing resulted from Lashley and his manager MVP reminding The Miz that he made a deal with them at Elimination Chamber.

Following John Morrison costing Lashley his United States Championship in a triple threat match between the two and new champion Riddle, The Hurt Business agreed to soften up the winner of the Chamber match for the WWE Championship to allow Miz to cash in his Money In The Bank Briefcase. In return, Lashley would receive the first shot at the title.

With Miz doing his best to weasel out of, or delay paying the piper, Braun Strowman interjected himself into the situation. He claimed that Shane McMahon wrongfully kept him out of the chamber match (sewing seeds for a WrestleMania match?) and that he wanted first shot at The Miz.

Eventually, McMahon and WWE official Adam Pearce booked Strowman against Lashley in Raw’s main event with the stipulation that if The Monster Among Men won, he would take part in a triple threat match for the title next week. If not, it would be Lashley vs Miz one on one.

As it transpired, Lashley ended the night with a dominant, clean win to secure his match for the title next week. The match was clearly designed to make the impressive Lashley look even stronger and saw him kick out of Lashley’s power slam.

The positioning of Lashley clearly indicates he will soon be crowned WWE Champion for the first time. This coronation will likely take place on Raw but it may well be held off until Fastlane. Either way, Miz’s role is clearly that of a transitional champion and the direction of travel is abundantly clear.

Drew McIntyre getting his true ‘WrestleMania Moment’ by dethroning Lashley at the ‘Show Of Shows’ on either April 10th or 11th.

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