Becky Lynch To Make ‘Major Announcement’ On WWE Raw

Becky Lynch
Photo Credit: WWE

Well, Money In The Bank is in the books and WWE are already going big for the follow-up broadcast tonight.

Raw is set to feature Womens Champion Becky Lynch making a ‘major announcement’. Nothing else has been divulged thus far, though the promotion had previously hyped The Man confronting longtime nemesis Asuka, who won the women’s MITB briefcase last night.

Lynch hasn’t wrestled since retaining the belt against Shayna Baszler at Wrestlemania 36, and wasn’t on the MITB card in any fashion.

She did tweet this during the WWE Network event itself:

Will it be something regarding her year-plus title reign? Could it actually be coming to an abrupt end thanks to COVID-19 and the lockdown? Will it be something that enables Asuka to jump the champ and cash in? Or even some major personal news?

It did seem weird that self-obsessed heel Seth Rollins (Becky’s real-life partner) showed good sportsmanship after failing to unseat men’s champ Drew McIntyre at MITB. Do the duo have some big news to share together, perhaps?

I guess we’ll all find out soon enough!

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