Becky Lynch: ‘Passing Title On To Asuka Meant So Much

Becky Lynch
Photo Credit: WWE

She may have stepped away from the ring but The Man has not stepped away from the spotlight just yet.

She recently gave an interview to Sports Illustrated in which she discussed her speech on Raw where she announced her pregnancy and anointed Asuka as the new Raw Women’s Champion.

Clearly, the manner in which her 375 day title reign ended will have been bittersweet for Lynch. Ending it in the ring would have clearly been the best option but in having to hand it off in the manner that she did, she clearly believes Asuka was the right person to turn to. She said:

“Passing that championship onto Asuka meant a lot. She really, really deserves it. And another element that people missed, because it’s not really advertised, is that she’s a working mom.

“She’s proven that you can do it all. You can be a badass and go off and have a family, you can come in and still kick more ass, have a YouTube show and be entertaining as all hell. The fact that she was the person to take that title from me meant a lot to me.”

Lynch also offered some words of encouragement for her legions of fans around the world dealing with daily life amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. She urged fans to look for the positives during this period of such uncertainty:

“This is a frustrating period, but there are routines we can make. It’s a time we get to spend with our family and reconnect with the ones we love. That’s where we need to focus, rather than the restrictions. Let’s use this time for good, and let’s be stronger in the way we approach one another when we’re all back to normal.”

In closing, The Man also offered words of comfort to those fans worried motherhood might see her depart the wrestling world. It seems her early intentions are to be back involved in due course:

“The WWE is my family, my actual family,” said Lynch. “I will always stay involved.”

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