As Wikipedia Celebrates 20th Birthday, WWE Revealed To Hold Unusual Record

Drew McIntyre

On 15th January 2001, Wikipedia was launched in to the world with practically zero fanfare.

Over the ensuing 20 years, the community edited massive online encyclopaedia has become the go-to online reference for information on just about anything that’s ever happened.

Not least for wrestling website writers looking to look up questions to set for their weekly live wrestling quiz…

To mark the website’s historic birthday, the BBC published an article on their website titled ‘Wikipedia At 20: The Encyclopaedia In Five Articles’.

The article itself gave information about five of the most important pages in terms of shaping the content and function of Wikipedia itself.

One of which, quite bizarrely, was the list of WWE Personnel page.

It’s likely that everyone reading this article will have visited the page at least once but it transpires that this page holds the record for numbers of edits, logging over 53,000 changes since it was created.

It recently took the record from the page dedicated to former US President George W. Bush.

Considering all the famous names in wrestling that non-wrestling fans reading the article would likely recognise, it’s amusing that the person creating the article for ‘The Beeb’ chose to illustrate it with a picture of Mansoor.

Credit: WWE

Whilst we think the Saudi star has huge potential, he’s someone who’s not even that familiar to hardcore fans, never mind the general public.

Regardless, it’s happy birthday Wikipedia. And good on WWE for breaking online records in yet another sector.

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