Arn Anderson: “NXT Is Losing Its Soul”

Arn Anderson
Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Former long-time WWE road agent and Hall of Famer Arn Anderson weighed in with his opinion on the NXT brand this week on the latest edition of his podcast, Arn. According to The Enforcer, the once ground breaking brand has lost sight of what set itself apart against WWE’s main roster programming, Raw and Smackdown Live. Anderson said:

“Some of the guys from the main roster have been bumped back down so you have more star power on that show. In the front office’s mind, we will take some of these proven talents and bump them back down to make that a more competitive brand. When they come back down, they bring the RAW or SmackDown style with them. So, it’s not NXT and NXT style matches. Now the dynamic changes. They are seeing a lot of stuff they see on Monday or Friday. Now it’s on NXT so now it’s not a pure NXT show.”

Arn: Payback 2015. Published May 5th 2020

NXT began broadcasting on USA Network, as opposed to being a WWE Network exclusive, in September 2019. Fans and pundits speculated at the time that the show would be flooded with main roster stars in an effort to maximise ratings on their network home and compete for eyeballs against AEW Dynamite that airs opposite them on USA Network.

In fact, WWE have been sparing with their use of main roster stars on NXT since then. Finn Balor and Charlotte Flair have been notable presences on the show, of course, but other than those two stars, the programme has been heavily dominated by talent from WWE’s NXT, NXT UK and 205 Live brands.

It is also important to note that nowadays, Anderson is a prominent backstage producer for All Elite Wrestling that as noted above, competes for the attention of wrestling fans each Wednesday night.

What do you think? Do you agree with Anderson? Do you think NXT has lost some of it’s soul in recent months? Or do you appreciate a smattering of main roster talent in and amongst the yellow brand’s core stars?

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