Are WWE Dropping A Huge Hint About Undertaker Possibly Retiring?

The Undertaker - The Last Ride

Perhaps we’re over-analysing here, but we’ve got a gut feeling about the fifth and final episode of The Last Ride after new information dropped today.

The climax of the brilliant Undertaker documentary is subtitled ‘Revelation’. Not revelations, just one. And to us, it feels like there’s only one big reveal that could possibly serve as a fitting conclusion to this fascinating insight into the mortality of a seemingly-immortal character.

Yeah, sure: the series is indeed called The Last Ride – but it’s becoming increasingly difficult to believe that’s simply a reference to one of his most famous wrestling moves.

Of course, we’ve nothing but conspiracy theories and speculation at this stage. But, just like our man Marc Hemingway theorised very early in Last Ride’s run, there’s a chance this series’ chief purpose is to provide Mark Calaway with the perfect end to a legendary career that, as the show has made apparent, he just cannot seem to find between the ropes.

Last Ride episode five: Revelation drops this Sunday. And come and celebrate the big occasion with us, regardless of how the series ends: we’re hosting a special Undertaker weekend! Quizzes, themes and content all dedicated to the Dead Man.

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