Anthony Joshua Wants to Join WWE Because Of Muhammad Ali

Anthony Joshua
Credit: The Scotsman

Boxer Anthony Joshua has been interviewed on the Alternative Sport podcast this week and the subject of other sports came up, namely if he sees himself as a better WWE Superstar or a UFC fighter.

“That’s a great question,” Joshua said. “I’m gonna do WWE because that’s what Muhammad Ali done, so I’m gonna do WWE.”

Ali was not only one of the greatest boxers of all time, he was one of the great showmen of the sport and so it was a natural fit for Ali to make waves in the world of professional wrestling.

In 1976 in Tokyo, Japan, Ali, the reigning WBC/WBA heavyweight boxing champion, faced off against wrestling legend (and now WWE Hall of Famer) Antonio Inoki. The match ended in a draw, and Ali went on to be a special guest referee at the original WrestleMania PPV.

Anthony Joshua vs. Tyson Fury (himself no stranger to the WWE ring) is expected to be finalised soon and is being touted as the biggest fight in UK boxing history.

The rest of the interview was asking Joshua what track he would come to the ring to as a WWE wrestler. After some serious thought Joshua narrowed it down to either Stormzy: ‘Shut Up’, Scarface ‘Push It to the Limit’, or Wile ‘Eskimo Dance’.

Anthony Joshua currently holds the WBA Heavyweight Super Title, the IBF Heavyweight Title, the WBO Heavyweight Title, and the IBO Heavyweight Title and if he say’s they’re decent tracks, we aren’t going to argue!

The full interview can be watched below.

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