Alexa Bliss’ Relationship With The Fiend Takes Strange Turn On WWE SmackDown

Alexa Bliss
Credit: WWE

Last week on Smackdown Alexa Bliss gave a Sister Abigail finisher on the outside of the ring to Lacey Evens, which set up this weeks match between the two female superstars.

Halfway through the match both Michael Cole and Corey Graves on commentary made a point of stating that Bliss was ‘looking off’ and that it’s ‘strange times for Alexa Bliss.’

After the ‘Sassy Southern Belle’ missed a moonsault from the top rope the lights went red and the screech of The Fiend’s music echoed through the Thunderdome.

When the lights went back to normal Bliss was seemingly ‘possessed and viciously attacked Evans, so much so that the referee had to call the match and disqualify Bliss.

With a vacant look in her eye, Bliss took Evans to the outside where, for the second week in a row, she delivered the Sister Abigail to her opponent. The Fiend then appeared on the Titantron saying ‘Let me in’ and Bliss gave a manic smile to the camera.

As Bliss made her way back up the ramp Roman Reigns made his entrance and was given a stare down by Alexa Bliss before she left the ringside area. Neither Bliss nor the Fiend are scheduled for a match at Clash of Champions but there’s always a chance we might see them there anyway.

Supernatural stories like this will always split the opinions of fans. Whilst many despise anything that hinders them suspending their disbelief, others enjoy them for the quirky, odd sideshows that they are designed to be.

WWE need to be careful that they don’t lean too far down this path with The Fiend. The character has worked wonderfully as a psychologically dangerous alter-ego of Bray Wyatt brought on by his descent into madness. Any elements of the supernatural detract significantly from that.

Arguably, it was the same storytelling that derailed the original Bray Wyatt character.

Fans lapped up the original deranged Southern swamp preacher character but utterly rejected the character once he leaned into the idea that he was some kind of Bayou-Warlock.

Let’s hope the same mistake is not made again.

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