AEW Revolution 2021: Results In Full

Revolution 2021: Kenny Omega vs Jon Moxley
Credit: AEW

Here’s what happened match by match during the latest AEW PPV, Revolution.

Buy-In tag team match: Thunder Rosa and Riho vs Dr. Britt Baker DMD and Rebel’s replacement… Maki Itoh!

Baker pins Rosa after Rebel hits Rosa from ringside with one of the crutches she didn’t actually need after all.

Up next is the main show itself, and opening the PPV is the tag title match.

The Young Bucks retain vs Chris Jericho and MJF via a Meltzer Driver to Jericho.

Casino Tag Team Royale is up next. In first are Dustin Rhodes and QT Marshall. Second team is #5 and #10 of the Dark Order.

After a 90-second period, the third team is Santana and Ortiz. #5 is thrown out by QT and the Sydals are fourth in.

Evil Uno and Stu Grayson are team five, the Dark Order’s second entry into the match. S&O eliminate Mike Sydal and team six is Gunn Club.

S&O also get Matt Sydal out and that’s our first team fully eliminated just before Peter Avalon and Cesar Bononi join the fray.

Varsity Blondes are team eight and Austin Gunn eliminates Avalon. QT then sneaks up on the Gunn Club as they try to get Bononi out, eliminating the Gunns.

That annoys the Club and Dustin, since they’re Nightmare Family stablemates, so QT eliminates himself and walks out on Dustin! Team nine are Bear Country.

BC get rid of Grayson and team 10 are Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus to a big pop. JB clotheslines Ortiz out before Luchasaurus gets Bononi out of there.

JB also gets Santana out of there as the Jurassic Express are on a roll. Team 11 are Butcher and Blade.

The Blondes and more Dark Order members are gone as we’re getting to the business end of this. Bunny pulls Dustin off the apron and he’s out. Private Party are team 12.

Thirteenth are SCU, who serve an assist to Bear Country eliminating Luchasaurus before Butcher eliminates both of BC.

Fenix and Pac of Death Triangle are team 14, and they get rid of Blade and Marc Quen in short order. 15th are Jon Silver and Alex Reynolds, the third Dark Order duo.

Jon and Alex team to get rid of Isaiah Cassidy and Butcher, and that’s all of our teams entered. Fenix eliminates Christopher Daniels.

JB hoists Reynolds out of there, and the only entire team left are Pac and Fenix as Pac eliminates Kazarian.

The final four is Pac, Fenix, Jungle Boy and Jon Silver. Death Triangle double-team Silver out of there and it’s a 2-on-1 finale.

Jungle Boy eliminates Pac and it’s down to JB and Fenix. After a dazzling finale, Fenix gets JB out of there and Death Triangle earn a tag title shot against the Bucks.

Next is Hikaru Shida defending the AEW women’s title against Ryo Mizunami.

Shida retains the title, only for both competitors to be attacked by Nyla Rose, Britt Baker and Maki Itoh until Thunder Rosa made the save.

Next is Best Friends vs Miro and Kip Sabian. The heels attack Chuck Taylor and Orange Cassidy backstage and drag Taylor to the ring. Miro gives Chuckie one more chance to call this off and rejoin him, but Taylor instead lands a right hand and the match starts as a two-on-one.

Cassidy joins the fray eventually and the babyfaces fight back, but ultimately Miro makes Taylor tap with Game Over.

The Inner Circle backstage tell Alex Marvaez that on Wednesday’s Dynamite, they will have a ‘War Counsel’ to change their approach going forward. Jericho promises changes, and MJF ominously agrees that changes will make the group better.

Next is the ‘Big Money Match’, Adam Page vs Matt Hardy. Page pins Hardy with the Buckshot Lariat after the Dark Order cancel out interference from Private Party.

Next up is the ‘Face Of The Revolution’ ladder match. They’ll be literally hanging a brass ring from the ceiling to be retrieved for the win, ha.

Max Caster, Lance Archer, Scorpio Sky, Penta and Cody Rhodes all make their entrances. That just leaves the mystery opponent, and it is… ‘All Ego’ Ethan Page!

Ultimately, Scorpio Sky grabs the brass ring and earns a TNT title shot.

And the mystery debutant is… Christian Cage!

Next is Sting and Darby Allin vs Brian Cage and Ricky Starks, and it’s on location. Cinematic match incoming!

This bout is filmed in advance at an abandoned warehouse setting, and may well be the first case of a cinematic match combined with running commentary. Taz joins the usual trio.

Sting and Allin are able to survive interference from Hook and Powerhouse Hobbs courtesy of a baseball bat and a shovel, before Allin dives off a balcony a few stories above Cage to put both of them through a platform.

Sting then finishes off Starks inside the ring set up for the beginning of the street fight to conquer Team Taz presumably once and for all.

All that remains is our main event, the exploding barbed wire death match for the AEW World title.

Kenny Omega retains the belt over Jon Moxley when The Good Brothers interfere and hand the champ an exploding barbed wire baseball bat. A shot to the head from that followed by a One Winged Angel through an unfolded chair finishes the match about five minutes before the 30 minute detonation of the ring.

Post-match, the countdown remained active, and the Brothers handcuffed Moxley before continuing the beatdown. They then fled the ring as the countdown reached one minute, but Eddie Kingston ran out and attacked the trio on the stage before rushing the ring to try and get Moxley safe.

With the last 10 seconds ticking down and Moxley not moving, Kingston put himself over Mox to protect him for the final explosion… which was unfortunately much tamer than everything else in the match.

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