AEW Dynamite: Inner Circle Member Quits The Faction

Inner Circle - Chris Jericho, MJF & Sammy Guevara
Credit: AEW

The strife in AEW’s most long-established stable went up a notch this week as one of the OG members seemingly left the group.

This week on Dynamite Sammy Guevara and MJF got into an argument backstage. MJF had tried to secretly record their conversation where he tried to get Guevara to admit he hates Chris Jericho and feels like he’s ‘playing second fiddle’ to him.

Sammy realised he was being recorded and launched the phone against the wall, punched MJF in the stomach, then left him on the floor in pain.

Later on Jericho and MJF (with ribs taped) took on and defeated The Acclaimed. After the match Guevara came to the ring and reminded Jericho that back in December he said if one more thing happened with MJF that he was done. He followed this with: “And so I’m out here to tell you… I’m done. I quit the Inner Circle.”

Sammy was stopped by Alex Marvez for an interview backstage and asked why he left. Guevara told him that he needed some time to refocus, then left.

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