If Fusient Bought WCW #37: Another Bump In The Road

If Fusient Bought WCW: Lance Storm

It will be either Rob Van Dam or Jeff Jarrett challenging, presumably, either Booker T or Ric Flair in the Starrcade main event as the Starrcade Series finals are set for Victory Road, along with a host of other matches for the titles, pride and more.

We’ve one more Nitro to come first, and potentially another titanic explosion between Goldberg and Scott Steiner after Steiner’s attack last week.

Saturday Nitro #29: first aired on November 24; taped along with episode 28 on November 14

The show kicked off with one of two tag matches stemming from Sunday’s big 10-man cruiserweight match to hype the upcoming new TV show, AirTime. Billy Kidman and AJ Styles fell to Kid Romeo and Air Paris when Styles crashed and burned on a flip dive to Paris on the outside and the heels double-teamed Kidman with an assisted Last Kiss for the cover by Paris at 8:28.

The show was then held up by Bill Goldberg, who said he wanted Scott Steiner and he didn’t care if it was tonight, tomorrow, or whenever. He said after Steiner’s attacks costing him world title chances over the last few months, maybe Scott is right. Maybe WCW isn’t big enough for both of them.

The Cat comes out and pleads with Goldberg to give him time to sort this, as he has a lot on his plate. He says he will have both men come to the PPV tomorrow if they sign paperwork not to touch each other, with the goal being to give both the fight they want. Goldberg agrees and leaves peacefully.

Simon Diamond and Swinger beat Johnny B Badd and Norman Smiley. Maritato and Marinera attempted to get involved, but Christian York and Joey Matthews put a stop to it while Alex Wright chased Glenn Gilbertti out of the building. Nonetheless, the heels hit the Problem Solver on Smiley at the 6:44 mark.

Badd and Smiley came backstage with Norman still dazed from the finish and Badd seemingly having knee trouble. York and Matthews check up on them and when the veterans show concern about being 100% for tomorrow night, Y&M say they have an idea.

We are shown Jamie Knoble outside, who has challenged Evan Karagias to meet him in the parking lot, non-sanctioned.

Chavo Guerrero didn’t have much chemistry with Lash Leroux as the peculiar pairing faced the Jung Dragons, with a frustrated Chavo abandoning Lash at the end and allowing Yang to get the pin with his Yang Time piledriver at 4:05.

Post-match, Chavo told Mean Gene that WCW is disrespecting the Guerrero family name and that he should be at the top of the card. He says the entire company will pay the price for mistreating a Guerrero.

In a pre-tape, Shannon Moore says he has learned a lot about himself over 2001 so far but he has learned even more about Shane Helms. He is upset that the two couldn’t mend fences but admits he was the first one to stab Helms in the back.

He says that if Shane wants to go about revenge in a way that costs Moore the biggest match of his career, however, then at Victory Road he’ll show Helms how far he has come and how much Helms has fallen.

Triple X vs Super Crazy, Tajiri and Jason Jett ended in a no-contest after 6:21 when the other four men involved in the elimination bout got involved, as the segment ended with a sequence of crazy dives and Super Crazy and Tajiri standing tall, surprisingly alongside each other.

This week’s sitdown focused on Lance Storm. Storm said he has had an up-and-down year so far but it is ending in great form as he is now defeating everyone in his path. He says many people become famous because of their personality or catchphrases but he will continue to get the job done by being the best wrestler around.

Lance says he was quite excited by Sting answering his challenge because on Sunday, he can add a huge name to the list of men to fall to the Maple Leaf. He says he will get his World title chance one day, even if it happens in 2002 and not at Starrcade.

Rob Van Dam teamed with his opponent last week, DDP, and Page’s reunited comrades Kanyon and Bam Bam Bigelow to face the entire Chosen Few in eight-man action.

The friction between Douglas and the rest of the team, except for maybe Anderson, was increasingly clear while Kanyon got some retribution on jarrett for last week until falling victim to the heat segment.

Eventually, RVD and Jarrett faced off ahead of their high-stakes SS final in 24 hours, though the heels got the win in the end with Anderson DDTing and pinning Kanyon in 10:54 after a Sanders trip from the outside.

Outside, Knoble awaits Karagias – who finally shows up from out of nowhere to attack his hated foe and initiate this parking low brawl.

The two exchange punches and shots with hubcaps and trash cans until Karagias is stopped from taking a crowbar to Noble’s leg, trapped underneath a wheelie bin, by security led by Cat, who says he won’t stand for such disorder and if Karagias wants Knoble, he needs to sign a release to get back into the ring.

Sean O’Haire and Chuck Palumbo exacted some revenge on The Mamalukes with a wild victory in a Sicilian Street Fight. A Seanton onto Vito – who was buried underneath a pile of chairs – sealed the win in 11:53, though an apparent injury to Chuck Palumbo raised alarm bells ahead of the four-way tag title match in 24 hours.

Backstage, Ric Flair, Sting and Dustin Rhodes are with Mean Gene. Sting says it feels good to have everyone back together and on the same page, while Flair and Rhodes agree that tonight, they take care of three thorns in their side ahead of three big singles matches at the PPV.

Rob Van Dam tells Mean Gene that he’ll prove to Jeff Jarrett tomorrow night that 2001 is the year of RVD, only to have the interview cut short by Mike Sanders, who badmouths Van Dam long enough for Jarrett to arrive on the scene and smash a guitar over his Series finals opponent’s head.

Finally, Flair Sting and Rhodes ended up victorious over Booker T, Lance Storm and Shawn Stasiak when Rhodes pinned the US champion with a bulldog at the 15:09 mark. The faces stood tall to end the go-home show.

WCW Victory Road card:

  • WCW World title: Booker T vs Ric Flair (this will be Flair’s final shot at the title)
  • WCW World tag titles: DDP and Kanyon vs O’Haire and Palumbo vs Anderson and Jindrak vs the Mamalukes
  • WCW US title: Shawn Stasiak vs Dustin Rhodes
  • Starrcade Series final: RVD vs Jeff Jarrett
  • Sting vs Lance Storm
  • Shannon Moore vs Shane Helms
  • AirTime Cruiserweight 10-man elimination showcase: XXX, Kid Romeo and Air Paris vs Kidman, Jason Jett, Super Crazy, Tajiri and AJ Styles
  • America’s Most Wanted, Norman Smiley and Johnny B Badd vs Simon Diamond, Johnny Swinger and the Full Blooded Italians (if GGE win, they receive tag title shots. If they lose, Glenn Gilbertti must fight Alex Wright immediately)

Next time: After World War 3 and Mayhem comes a new November PPV tradition: Victory Road! Can Ric Flair somehow pull off one last WCW World title reign? And who will win the first ever Starrcade Series?

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