How WWE Should Book The Draft, Part 3

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Back once again with the fantasy booking master! Welcome back! If you haven’t yet, please check out Part 1 and Part 2 before reading this one for obvious reasons.

We left off with the New Day and Undisputed Era separated and Brock Lesnar drafted to NXT.

When Smackdown kicks off I would open with Paul Heyman appearing remotely and stating that NXT cannot afford his client Brock Lesnar. With that, Lesnar’s contract is up for grabs without spending a draft pick. You can have a sort of bidding war behind closed doors and later in the show announce that he has resigned with Raw.

For the final decider of draft pick order, I would have, once again, an elimination match between the mid-card champions of each brand.

Immediately following this, we would have the first round of drafts:

  • Raw – Cesaro and King Corbin
  • Smackdown – Matt Riddle and Lacey Evans
  • NXT – Shinsuke Nakamura and Ricochet

I would make sure not to announce why Tag-Team champions are getting separated. It creates conversation and speculation online (from sites like this) on what is going on.

The second round of drafts are up next:

  • Raw – Dominik Mysterio and Natalya
  • Smackdown – Buddy Murphy and R-Truth
  • NXT – Dolph Ziggler and Kalisto

With Dolph Ziggler, I feel it would be beneficial for him to have a change on scenery. His style would fit in nicely with NXT. Kalisto going to NXT works as well as i like the idea of the cruiserweights getting more focus on NXT.

With Buddy Murphy on Smackdown, i would have Seth Rollins be seen going into the Raw War Room. More on why later.

Now with the final round of the draft, I would have it announced that anyone not drafted can make their case and be picked up by one of the brands. I don’t have plans for most of them, but we could potentially see a reboot of the Heath Slater ‘I need this job’ angle that took place a few years ago.

Also announce that following the draft, there will be a transfer window that will last until next week where brands can swap superstars.

The final round of drafts are as follows:

  • Raw – The Miz and John Morrison
  • Smackdown – Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins
  • NXT – Bronson Reed and Drake Maverick

So now, the question is posed why the tag teams were drafted around and the Tag champs were not exempt from the draft.

My idea for this is to have only one Tag title across the three brands. For any tag teams on NXT, the Dusty Rhodes Classic winner still earns a title match.

The main reason I had this idea was due to the lack of volume when it comes to tag teams and a lot of them are just thrown together. Each member of a team is still tied to their own brand in terms of singles competition, however, tag teams can appear on another brand if it is part of a tag-team match.

Now that the draft is over, we now move into the transfer window. The first trade i would have announced, is Big E to Smackdown to rejoin New Day in exchange for Murphy to Raw to rejoin Rollins. Realistically, Rollins probably does have the kind of pull to get Raw management to agree.

There is the possibility of other trades taking place, but I’ll leave that to your imagination. If you want to separate any teams or make some dream matches it’s up to yourself.

In terms of the other, “unsigned” talent, most of them were NXT developmental so you can have them go back there or if there is anyone who is due a move to Smackdown or Raw you can use the Free Agent status to do that.

You may have noticed I have not drafted The Fiend. With him, I would say there is no need to tie him to one brand. The whole concept doesn’t really fit his character. This also opens up the options for more feuds with other stars and allows for more of Firefly Funhouse which is a plus in my book.

Let me know what you think of the draft, if there is any changes, what trades you would make and what dream matches you would like to see from the roster created.

Thanks for reading.

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