How WWE Should Book The Draft, Part 2

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Hello, and welcome back. If you haven’t read part one of the Draft you can find that here. We left off with the conclusion of Raw and a few drafts on social media taking place.

Before we start there was one thing I wanted to clear up. In the last article, I had Shelton Benjamin move to Smackdown and Bobby Lashley move to Raw.

Now I know Benjamin has just joined the ‘Hurt Business’ however I think it would be cool to see an inter-brand stable. I would have MVP be classed as a manager who can go between brands and associate with both guys.

On NXT the following Wednesday, I would have the Women’s champions of each brand square off to determine first, second and third picks in an elimination match. You can use this to further tease the breakdown of Bayley and Sasha Banks as well.

I know I’m not getting into the specifics of who goes in which order etc. I’ll leave that to your imagination because after all, each brand gets the same amount of picks and it is obviously pre-determined anyway so it doesn’t really matter too much.

The next round of drafts I would have is as follows:

  • Raw – Bianca Belair and Dominik Dijakovic
  • Smackdown – Daniel Bryan and Charlotte Flair
  • NXT – Chelsea Green and Brock Lesnar

Now hold on! Don’t send me letters just yet! We all know that Brock is not going to NXT, however, it would add the ‘anything can happen’ aspect if you make it look like he is.

Following the announcement, I would have Heyman appear remotely and cut a promo essentially saying “if the money’s right…”

It is important you do this on the Wednesday night round of drafts as the commentators can hype it up by speculating on seeing Lesnar and who he will compete with and also, you know full well if WWE held a draft episode on NXT, AEW would fire back with something to draw ratings. This could cause a lot of people to flick the channel and we could potentially see NXT pull in Raw and Smackdown numbers.

Again, I wouldn’t have filler matches, just promos etc of stars selling themselves.

The next round of drafts are as follows:

  • Raw – Jessamyn Duke and Jinder Mahal
  • Smackdown – Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods
  • NXT – Kushida and Finn Balor

Especially if reports are to be believed that he is wanting to create a full faction, this would allow him to do that more freely. After all, they’re not in the team business, they’re in the hurt business and this allows each member to shine individually.

The final round of drafts for tonight are as follows:

  • Raw – Big E and Kevin Owens
  • Smackdown – Velveteen Dream and Mandy Rose
  • NXT – Roderick Strong and Sonya Deville

Now, with that, both the New Day and Undisputed Era have been separated. Realistically though, this makes sense for the Networks to do this as NXT and Raw now both have leverage for a trade with Smackdown. They are simply taking advantage of the situation.

With that concludes Night 2 of the draft and Part 2 of the article.

Again I would announce some more drafts online over Thursday and Friday. Again just some smaller names, for example, Chad Gable (and nothing else) to Smackdown, Shotzi Blackheart to NXT, and Austin Theory to Raw.

Stay tuned for Part 3 on Smackdown coming soon!

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