All Elite vs. Impact Wrestling: Five Dream Matches We Would Love To See

Ken Shamrock & Miro

This week’s edition of Dynamite ended not only with Kenny Omega winning the AEW World Championship from Jon Moxley, but also the new champ and his new sidekick Don Callis announcing that the storyline would continue next week not on Dynamite but on Impact Wrestling!

In the hours since then, it has been confirmed that AEW and Impact are planning to work together in the immediate future. An idea that has captured the minds of wrestling fans.

With both rosters now seemingly open to do business with each other, we put together five Impact vs. All Elite matches we would love to see.

The Young Bucks vs. The Motor City Machine Guns

Credit: ROH

OK, so this match has happened before. Around a decade ago, The Guns had a number of matches in TNA Wrestling with the ‘cleverly’ renamed Max and Jeremy Buck. AKA, Generation Me. AKA, The Young Bucks.

The teams also squared off in ROH but who wouldn’t want to see it again in the context of a promotional war.

While Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin are some way past their 2010 prime, they still have huge amounts left to offer, as evidenced by their recent Impact matches with The North and others. These two teams, who so closely represent their respective brands, would be a wonderful thing to see. It could even be said that Shelley and Sabin’s status as grizzled veterans would add to the make up of the match rather than take away from it.

If you are looking at cross-promotional dream matches, this is likely to be near the top of most people’s lists.

Sami Callihan vs. Jon Moxley

Credit: AEW/Impact Wrestling

Similar to our first pick, these two have done battle before. In CZW, before the pair signed for WWE Developmental waaaay back.

Scrub that though. Both these men are different performers now. Both are much better performers, more precisely.

This one would be a war. An absolute orgy of violence and oneupmanship as both would bring their trademark hardcore style to the table. Let it not be forgotten though that these two are big match performers. They have a sense for the big occasion and understand what it takes to captivate an audience in between all the sickening blood letting.

Imagine these two let loose for 20 minutes against one another! Imagine the pre-match promos. Imagine the amount of cleaners needed afterwards to clear the ring area?

Deonna Purrazzo vs. Hikaru Shida

Credit: AEW/Impact Wrestling

Whilst it seems a little bit obvious to do simple champion vs. champion, this does genuinely feel like the best mesh of styles across the divide.

Both women represent the tone of their respective divisions well (for better or for worse) and both know how to put on an excellent wrestling match. This could be as good as any women’s match in the USA you could put together right now.

Miro vs. Ken Shamrock

Credit: Impact Wrestling/AEW

I have to admit, I’m a mark for crazy grandpa Ken Shamrock, still kicking ass and losing his rag like it’s still 1997. It’s truly life affirming to see at least some things can still be a little bit 90s.

This one would feel like a generational battle. Miro’a character is a laid back guy right now but once upon a time, his intensity and style wasn’t that different from Shamrock’s. It would be great fun to see Miro underestimate the ‘old man’, only to realise that if he wanted to win he would have to pack away his ‘best man’ persona and unleash his inner beast we saw in his early Rusev days in WWE.

The younger man should win but we would want to see him have to change and adapt in order to do it.

Moose vs. Orange Cassidy

Credit: Impact Wrestling/AEW

Hear me out.

Imagine the scenario. Moose, the arrogant hoss of a man comes face to face with the skinny slacker that is Orange Cassidy. Just imagine how lightly he would take him, almost reluctant to waste his energy on the smaller man.

That is, until those shin taps started coming in, leading the ‘TNA Champion’ to eventually see red and try to annihilate his opponent, only for Cassidy to casually thwart all of his rage filled attacks.

Imagine it like Tom & Jerry in the wrestling ring, but then Tom starts to tire so Jerry realises he can now do whatever he damn well pleases to him. This match would be super fun.

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